Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find my instrument in MIO, what am I doing wrong?

1. Make sure you don't have a global filter that only shows instruments for one person.
At the top right of the blue MIO strip, it should say "All my companies" and "All measuring device managers" to be able to see all instruments. If it doesn't, click on one of them. Now a new window appears, "Global filter". Select "All my companies" and "All instrument responsibles" and press [Save].

2. Check that you do not have any search filters that filter out what you are looking for, e.g. date, status etc.
In the search bar there is a button, "Remove all X". Press the cross and all searches will disappear. Do a new search for your instrument.

I can't find my calibration report, where can I get it?

There are many ways to retrieve/download your calibration certificate or report.

1. Immediately when the measuring device has been delivered from Element Metech, a delivery notification is sent by email to the person who is the technical reference for the service. The email contains download links to the reports.

2. On Element Metech's website there is "Download Calibration Reports". Here you can download reports that Element Metech has delivered to you.
- Fill in your MIO number and your report number from the labels on your instrument or if you have this information in another way.
- Press [Send] to download your report.

3. If you have received calibration labels with a QR code on the instruments, it can be used to download the report. Use a barcode scanner connected to a computer or scan directly with the mobile phone's camera.

4. If you have a MIO subscription, log in there and search for your report.

How do I change the description, manufacturer or model of my instrument in MIO?

Currently, you cannot change it from MIO. This is because all instruments are also in Element Metech's order system. There, each instrument individual is linked to an article (model) in the article register. The articles in turn are linked to price lists and calibration instructions. The instruments have a kind of alias field that is saved in parallel with the regular article fields. These can be changed by Element Metech.
Let us know about the changes you want and we will try to help you.

It is in the development plan for MIO to make this possible directly from MIO.

We have a new instrument responsible. How do we change that in MIO?

If it is only a few individual instruments, you can change them as usual from the "Instrument detail" page.
If there are a lot of them or if you don't have a new responsible person registered already, you can contact Element Metech who will help with this.
Also note if the new person needs an account for MIO and if the previous responsible has quit and no longer needs his account.
Please use the "Contact Metech" link below.